List of Publications from CoNAS Departments

Charles Lugomela, Thomas J. Lyimo, Lucy A. Namkinga, Sabrina MoyoCo-variation of Cholera with Climatic and Environmental Parameters in Coastal Regions of TanzaniaWestern Indian Ocean J. Mar. Sci.1393 - 1052014Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Seltzer C, Colin T. Kremer, Henry J. Ndangalasi, Norbert J. CordeiroSeed harvesting of a threatened African tree dispersed by rodents: Is enrichment planting a solution? Ecology and Conservation2015Botany
Imani Abinery Kikoti, Cosmas Mligo, Dominico Benedicto KilemoThe Impact of Grazing on Plant Natural Regeneration in Northern Slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.Open Journal of Ecology5(6)266-2732015Botany
Mligo, C.Conservation of Plant biodiversity of Namatimbili Forest in the southern costal forests of Tanzania.International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation7(3)148-1722015Botany
Mligo, C.Plant species composition and distribution in relation to land use patterns in Serengeti ecosystem Tanzania.Open Journal of Forestry5(6)607-6202015Botany
Kikoti, I. and Mligo, C.The Impacts of Livestock Grazing on Plant Species Composition in Montane Forests of the Northern Slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management11(2)114-1272015Botany
Mligo, C.Conservation of plant species diversity based on richness and evenness criteria in the coastal forests of Tanzania.Journal of Environment and Ecology6(1)1-202015Botany
Mligo, C.The impact of livestock grazing on soil characteristics in Mount Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaJournal of Geoscience and Environmental Protection324-372015Botany
Mligo, C.Diversity and distribution pattern of riparian plant species in the Wami River system, Tanzania.Journal of Plant Ecology2015Botany
Mligo, C.Plant species response to variation in soil nutrient saturation gradients in Zaraninge Forest, Tanzania. Online version:DOI:10.1111/aje.12331African Journal of Ecology2015Botany
Nnungu, S.I and Uguru, M.IExpression of heterosis in floral traits and fruit size in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum.L) hybridsAgro science13(3)24-292015Botany
Tano S.A, Halling C, Lind E, Buriyo A, Wikstrom SExtensive spread of farmed seaweeds causes a shift from native to non-native haplotypes in natural seaweed beds.Journal of Marine Biology DOI 10.1007/s00227-015-2724-72015Botany
ANG Chao, REN Jie, ZHAO Xiu-qin, DING Zai-song, ZHANG Jing, WANG Chao, ZHANG Jun-wei, Charles AugustGenetic Dissection of Low Phosphorus Tolerance Related Traits Using Selected Introgression Lines in Rice.Rice Science22(6)264-2742015Botany
Charles A. JosephGenetic Variation, Heritability and Relationship between Inbred Lines Performance under Drought Stress and Irrigation Conditions in Rice.American Journal of Experimental Agriculture7(5)294-3072015Botany
Nyomora, A.M.SEffect of thrips damage on yield of selected onion accessions grown in Arumeru District, TanzaniaInternational Journal of Horticulture and Ornament2015Botany
Nyomora A.M.SEffect of treated Domestic Wastewater as Source of Irrigation Water and Nutrients on Rice Performance in Morogoro, TanzaniaJournal of Environment and Waste Management2(2)047-0552015Botany
E. Sangu, F.I. Tibarazwa, A. Nyomora, R.C. SymondsExpression of genes for the biosynthesis of compatible solutes during polen development under heat stress in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)Journal of Plant Physiology17810-162015Botany
Rashid Tamatamah and Cosmas MligoEnvironmental and social impact assessment for niobium mining project of Panda hill, Mbeya Rural District, Mbeya Reion:aquatic and wetland ecology baseline studies.Consultancy Report: Cradle Resources Ltd, Australia.2015Botany
Olivia John, Flora I. Tibarazwa and Amelia S. BuriyoEffect of temperature on leaf and rhizome growth rates in the Seagrass Halophila ovalisHURIA: Journal of the Open University of Tanzania2323-342016Botany
Mligo CA Rapid Assessment of the Aquatic and Riparian Biota in the Wami-Ruvu Basin, TanzaniaGlobal Water for Sustainability Program, Florida I662016Botany
Werema, C., Howell KM and Ndangalasi HJSeasonal Use of remnant forest fragments by understory forest birds in the Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania: a conservation priorityOstrich Journal of African Ornithology2016Botany
Norbert J. Cordeiro, Joshua T. Campbell and Henry J. NdangalasiDiet of the Silvery-cheeked hornbill, Bycanistes brevis, during the breeding season in the East Usambara Mountains, TanzaniaOstrich Journal of African Ornithology87(1)67-722016Botany
Werema, C., Howell KM and Ndangalasi HJKimboza Forest Reserve, Tanzania: an important cold season refugium for altitudinal migrating birds.African Journal of Ecology54(3)375-3782016Botany
Marshall AR, Couvreur TLP, Summers AL, Deere NJ, Luke WRQ, Ndangalasi HJ, Sparrow S, Johnson DMA new species in the tree genus Polyceratocarpus (Annonaceae) from the Udzungwa Mountains of Tanzania,PhytoKeys6363-762016Botany
Ndangalasi HJ, Mligo C and Mvungi E.Composition and Size Class Structure of Tree Species in Ihang'ana Forest Reserve, Mufindi District, Tanzania.Tanzania Journal of Science402016Botany
Zhang Q, Zheng T, Hoang L, Wang C, Nafisah, Joseph C, Zhang W, Xu J, Li Z.Joint Mapping and Allele Mining of the Rolled Leaf Trait in Rice (Oryza sativa L).PLoS ONE11(7)2016Botany
Amelia S. Buriyo, Louis Kasuga, Heriel N. Moshi and Wilson A. NeneEcological Distribution and Abundance of the Parasitic weed, Cassytha filiformis L. (Lauraceae) in major Cashew, Anacardium occidentale L. growing regions in Tanzania.International Journal of Basic and Applied Science5(3)109-1162016Botany
Mwakosya J and Mligo CThe impacts of disturbance on plant species composition in Rungwe Forest, Tanzania.African Journal of Science and Research5(1)53-622016Botany
Nnungu, S.I and Uguru, M.IEvidence of association among floral and fruit traits and its implications on fruit size and shape in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)Australian Journal of Crop Science2016Botany
Tano SA, Eggertsen M, Wikstrom SA, Berkstrom C, Buriyo AS, Halling CTropical seaweed beds are important habitats for mobile invertebrate epifaunaEstuarine, Costal and Shelf Science,1831-122016Botany
Mligo, C.Plant species response to variation in soil nutrient saturation gradients in Zaraninge Forest, Tanzania.African Journal of Ecology2016Botany
Tano SA, Eggertsen M, Wikstrom SA, Berkstrom C, Buriyo AS, Halling CTropical seaweed beds as important habitats for juvenile fish in East African seascape.Marine and Freshwater Research2017Botany

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